The Sermon on the Mount Part 2


Journey Through The Bible: The Sermon on the Mount part 2

Scripture Reading: Matthew 10:42 "And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward." #1046

Introduction: Today we continue with the second part of three messages on The Sermon on the Mount. Mathew 5 #1038

As we looked last week, Jesus shifted the paradigm of how we are to look at blessings. Just because someone is blessed with monitory blessings, health, fame, or anything else one looks at, does not necessarily mean that they are what God is looking for in a person. God is looking at the heart and gives us the beatitudes to show us this shift of thought. We also looked at the true meaning behind the Law. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law and shows us that it is not the letter of the Law, but the spirit or heart of the Law that is important. Today we continue this great sermon and look at giving, prayer and the Lords provision.

Proposition: We are to rely on the provision of the Lord.

T.S.: Let us have a giving heart, a prayerful disposition, and reliance upon the Lord.

I. We are to have a giving heart towards others.

-Matthew 6:1-4 #1040

-As we have been blesses, we ought to bless others.

-When we bless others, we should do give not to receive glory, but to honor God.

-Be of such a giving heart, that you do not remember what you have given. (Don't hold it over someone who may not ever be able to give back. (Luke 14:12-14 #1121)

II. We ought to prayerfully come to the creator of the universe.

- Matthew 6:5-18 #1040

-Don't pray to be seen by others, pray privately. V. 5-6

-It's not about repetition, but to ask the Lord that which he already knows. V. 7-8

-This is what the Lord wants us to pray about. V. 9-14

-God is above all, we are looking for His kingdom, we ask for daily sustenance, we ask for forgiveness of debts (sins), and ask for strength. We need to be a forgiving people.

-When we pray and fast, don't boast about it.

III. We are called to rely upon the Lord.

-Matthew 6:19-34

-Serve God or serve money, you can't have two masters. V. 19-24 (1 Tim. 6:10 #1272)

-We must rely on God to take care of all our needs. V. 25-34

-God knows our needs, there is no reason to be anxious.

In all aspects of life, let us rely upon the provision of the Lord.