Jesus' Baptism and Temptation


Journey Through The Bible: Jesus' baptism and temptation

Introduction: Last time we looked at John the Baptizer preparing the way. Matt. 3 #1037, Mark 1:1-11 #1073, Luke 3 #1101, John 1:19-34 #1138 Today we will look at Jesus' baptism and temptation. Matt. 3:13-4:11 #1037, Mark 1:9-13 #1073, Luke 4:1-13 Next week we will look at Jesus as he begins his ministry. Matt 4:12-17 #1038, Mark 1:14-15 #1073, Luke 4:14-15

As we look at Jesus' baptism we see that he is tempted right away. This should be a huge warning to us that the evil one is going to come at us quickly and in many ways to get us to turn away from the great calling that we have made.

Proposition: We are called to overcome temptation through the word of God.

T.S.: We see that temptation happens to everyone. (James 1:12-15 #1291)

I. We are given insight to five areas in life when temptation tries to seize us.

-Matthew 3:13-4:11 #1037

1. After a spiritual high point. 3:13-17

2. In an area where we are weak. 4:1-2

3. When we do not look to God for necessities. 4:3-4

4. By skewing scripture to justify our sin. 4:5-7

5. By worshipping the creation instead of the creator. 4:8-11

II. We are called to overcome temptation through the love of God and His word.

1. Keep the spiritual high point constant. Psalm 51:10-12 #602

2. Know our weaknesses and rely on God. 2 Cor. 12:8-10 #1243

3. Always trust in God to provide our needs. Matthew 6:9-13 #1040

4. Know the scriptures to approve the truth. Romans 12:1-2 #1215

5. Worship only the Lord. Romans 1:18-23 #1204

Let us repent of our sin and overcome the temptation in our life by following the word of truth.