Welcome to the Preacher Man

My name is Luke Carter and I have been a preacher of the word of God since 1998. 

I have worked with congregations in Texas while at preaching school (The Center for Christian Education) and I have been a local preacher for the Parma Church of Christ for three years and have spent the last seventeen years at the Nampa Church of Christ in Nampa, Idaho.

It is my hope that you will have an opportunity to read and listen to the word of God in the sermon formats that I have provided. While I have many other sermons, I have just recently been recording them for our local congregation and for anyone else interested.

I have the Attributes of God posted.

Enjoy short video Daily Bible Studies here from YouTube.

We are also preaching through the word of God in a somewhat chronological order. This starts in the New Testament with the Genealogy of Jesus and in time will continue through the end of the book of Revelation. May you be blessed in reading and listening to God's word and may it impact your life as he continues to impact me.

New Testament Journey Through The Bible.

God Bless

I am blessed to be a part of many different missions both here and abroad. Please go to the mission page to take a look at these. Also my mission trip to South Africa can be followed at:



One of many life verses

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Philippians 4:13